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Our 'Advisory' service provides emailed buy and sell limit orders for passing to the client's broker of private bank. The service is responsive, bespoke and personal. Each limit order is determined with reference to an individual portfolio design. In most case, iWM provides, as Private Client Asset Managers for high net worth individuals, direct investment advice to reduce the cost of using funds (whether active or passive).

  •  suggested limit order phrasing with specific buy and sell recommendations
  •  'Best Buy' research published
  •  annual performance report in July, with reporting to pre-agreed benchmarks
  •  monthly reports of the world economy with an emphasis upon how to maintain returns in today's economics
  •  As Chartered Tax Advisers, we provide a full Tax Computation and Return in September, with all investor schedules complete

Over the years this service has consistently delivered good results, and these results have been the basis for the majority of the testimonials offered.


Our standard fee is 1% of assets under management with substantial discounts for volume, and an additional 10% discount for each course taken with a minimum fee of £1,800 p.a.