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Key Plus

Professional Investor

  • - regular reports on Best Buy securities
  • - recommended asset allocation and commentary through the 'Investor's Diary' blog
  • - access to our shortlist of broker and private bank accounts on specially negotiated terms
  • - free access to our 'Key Risks' report on planning assumptions for portfolios
  • - UK Tax Return calculation for UK residents. This calculation is completed upon a receipt of all personal information and it includes the investment schedules

In the debate "professional investor vs investment manager" there is always some who do better and some who do worse. iWM is always happy to assist a professional investor assess whether his or her portfolio has achieved optimal growth for the risk selected, and if not, how to make amendments.

Fee for Key Plus

Standing Order: £45 per month inclusive of 20% VAT. VAT is not charged to a person resident outside the EU area.