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iWM - Chartered Tax Advisers, Private Client Asset Managers

Chartered Tax Advisers
Private Client Asset Managers
Wealth courses for high net worth individuals

iWM provides tax advice, a UK tax return service, and an asset management service. We are therefore particularly convenient for individuals who have both types of query on a fairly regular basis.

Our personal UK tax return service is available for £240 per year with all personal schedules included. We specialise in UK returns for non-resident individuals.

As FCA regulated asset managers, we also offer a research service for investors who like to do their own trading, and another for those who like timed and individual suggested buys and sells. On the latter service, each client's performance exceeds by a small but consistent margin the Private Client Index calculated by Asset Risk Consultants. The PCI index is an average of the performance of global asset managers, is quoted after fees, and as a trend produces returns in excess to that available by investing in ETFs alone.

We also provide a personal wealth manager service for the families of our private clients. A client may 'gift' one hour a year of our time to multiple members of his or her extended family annually.

Where an individual requires a comprehensive analysis and advice for the many different aspects of a change in lifestyle, we cover all the questions in a series of one hour meetings over a long weekend at a favourite resort or hotel. This service is useful for those changing country, retiring, divorcing, or selling their business.

Many of our clients have been good enough to offer their personal comment on the results of our unique service here.

Please contact us using support@iwm.eu.com, or by telephone: +44 (0)333 012 4751. We meet clients all over the UK and in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, and Rome. Our London meeting rooms are in Piccadilly, close to Trafalgar Square.

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iWM -  Chartered Tax Advisers, Private Client Asset Managers

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iWM -  Chartered Tax Advisers, Private Client Asset Managers

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